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I will show you and your team how renewal & innovation
without losing focus on the essentials.
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Innovation fails especially in existing companies....

...too old management principles
...a traditional teamwork
...at lack decision-making mandate of the teams
...overpowering control by superiors
needs new
thinking and action
Why? Leaders and teams usually think they can make the leap into the innovation league with innovation techniques and agile methods.

But real innovation happens differently: innovation needs a different mindset, a leadership update in empowerment and an active removal of barriers to innovation. I can get your teams to ask themselves the right questions to make innovation a habit. This creates the right structures and processes — pure Ignition-Power!

What does the Ignition Global program help you with?

Teams and leaders get the strengthening of their innovation mindset, skillset and toolset for innovation leadership. Innovation needs an interaction of team and leadership players, so that ideas are quickly turned into testable prototypes and innovative projects are quickly led to results, against organizational and team barriers.

The coaching and upskilling program lasts 3-5 months, is completely on-demand and focused on needs of the client team, it discharges the team with the knowledge and improved team spirit they need to master innovation. The same is true for leaders, who use the coaching program to learn how to adapt their leadership to empower teams to innovate, creating innovation leadership.
It takes
Proper courses of action and processes
Leaders who help break down barriers
Motivate, solve conflicts

Experts who work together as a team and not as egos
Creative collaboration
Failure Culture

Dagmar Boettger

Ignite the innovation
mindset in your teams

Hit the refresh Button for renewal

What drives me


& About


"It will never work that way!" "The trend will never come!" "Who has tried it like this before?" ... that's how or otherwise innovation teams and their team leaders are stopped - or: since I was slowed down myself with my global team, I work as an Innovation Coach.

I want people to increase their creativity and creative power for the benefit of important and necessary innovations - because: Innovation happens when people tinker together with courage, fun and the joy of experimentation. When they have a feeling of emotional security and intellectual freedom. And when there is an innovation process that suits them and your customers.

I am the catalyst for this innovative power in teams. I ignite the innovator in you as a leader, so that you can really empower your team!
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My focus and genuine interest is to drive forward Germany's innovative strength. I deeply believe that we have an incredible engineering treasure trove that we need to activate and lift: the only way to do that is through people.

As a coach, I give people the power and perspective to believe in their creativity and transform ideas into innovative customer value as a team.
„A culturally well-balanced team is crucial for the success of the innovation. The chemistry and composition must be right, just like in a top soccer team.“

Daniel Krauss, Flixbus

How I do it



Every organization has its own way of organizing innovation. Every team has its own idea of how they drive ideas. That's why my method is customized to each client situation. But three aspects are always the same:

  1. How fit are your teams to think and act innovatively?
  2. What barriers stand in their way, as a team, individually, and within the context of the organization?
  3. What skills and behavioral aspects does the team need to develop so that innovation can better emerge at the end of the journey?

My method does not build you an innovation funnel. It helps people to create the best possible conditions for themselves so that innovation projects succeed.

Innovation Journey


1. Readiness-Check

3. Team-Coaching

2. Up-Skilling

What I can do


Leadership Coaching

Through sound questions and methods, I guide you into the innovation mindset.


With strengthening of better togetherness, your team develops full innovative power.


Your company receives a special kickoff of the extraordinary kind.

Training +

Your teams will gain fun and new insights through online training and gamification.

What Others say


„When I started my role as a corporate innovator, I faced many doubts in myself, especially in how to breakthrough legacy hierarchy to make a change. Dagmar helped me a lot from crystallizing the root cause to building up confidence. She’s accelerated my growth and driven me to become a more resilient leader.“

Finn Huang

Intrapreneur und Corporate Innovation, Ikea in Hong Kong, Taiwan und Indonesien

„Dagmar is a highly skilled coach who provided me with excellent self-knowledge and self-development skills which I have used streamlining my professional and private focus. Since working with Dagmar I have seen my self-awareness really move forward. Her approach and style immediately conveys her knowledge and her passion for developing individuals as well as organizations and making them fit for the future.“

Robert Radloff

Strategy PetroChemicals at BASF

„Dagmar is a very passionate and highly skilled coach helping you to better understand your strength and weaknesses as a manager in a highly innovative environment [..] Dagmar’s strength is, that she listens very careful to fully understand your specific situation and inspires you with guiding comments, starting your brain cells working. This leads to a better understanding of your own guiding values and behaviors, which you may not have recognized before. The Coaching Sessions with Dagmar helped me a lot to become a better listener and facilitator between the exponentially changing, highly innovative environment I live in and the slow pace in some parts of our global organization. If you are facing innovation leadership challenges, I highly recommend Dagmar as your Coach.“

Herbert Hofmann

Managing Director Greater China ASM Assembly Systems Ltd

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Innovation is a Champions League topic

Coming Together

I can get your team to create the right structures and processes so you can celebrate innovative success.
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