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Ich kann Ihre Teams dahin bringen, sich die richtigen Fragen zu stellen, um Innovation zur Gewohnheit zu machen.
Teams und Führungskräfte erhalten die Stärkung ihres Innovation Mindset, Skillset und Toolset für Innovation Leadership

Innovation braucht ein Zusammenspiel der Team- und Führungsplayer

Das Coaching- und Upskilling Programm ist völlig bedarfsgerecht und auf Bedürfnisse des Kundenteams fokussiert

Einige meiner Kunden
„When I started my role as a corporate innovator, I faced many doubts in myself, especially in how to breakthrough legacy hierarchy to make a change. Dagmar helped me a lot from crystallizing the root cause to building up confidence. She’s accelerated my growth and driven me to become a more resilient leader.“
Intrapreneur und Corporate Innovation, Ikea in Hong Kong, Taiwan und Indonesien
„Dagmar is a highly skilled coach who provided me with excellent self-knowledge and self-development skills which I have used streamlining my professional and private focus. Since working with Dagmar I have seen my self-awareness really move forward. Her approach and style immediately conveys her knowledge and her passion for developing individuals as well as organizations and making them fit for the future.“
Strategy PetroChemicals at BASF
„Dagmar is a very passionate and highly skilled coach helping you to better understand your strength and weaknesses as a manager in a highly innovative environment [..] Dagmar’s strength is, that she listens very careful to fully understand your specific situation and inspires you with guiding comments, starting your brain cells working. [..] I highly recommend Dagmar as your Coach.“
Managing Director Greater China ASM Assembly Systems Ltd